Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool #11

Tool #10

3 things that make a good digital citizen:
- Boundaries are there for a reason (there is a time & place for everything including school)
- Comments on social media websites can affect the present and your future
- The internet is a two-way-window to the world (be aware of who might be looking in!!!)

One listed resource to review w/ my students is in the following link:
It highlights the following:
  • Facebook: Why should we have boundaries for sharing information on Facebook and what are my boundaries? Should I, my sibling or my child get a Facebook account before age 13?
  • Digital Ethics: What responsibilities go along with the use of cell phones and computers to share media as well as textual information?
  • Password Security: Why is it important to safeguard my login credentials?
  • Digital Footprints: How are people using websites like Google,, and other sites to search for information about prospective employees, and how can my digital footprints affect my future after high school?
  • Commenting Responsibly: How can comments left on YouTube, Facebook, and other sites affect my life today and tomorrow? Are my words powerful? Do my comments matter? How can I moderate comments others leave on my websites?
  • Cyberbullying: How can and should I respond if I witness cyberbullying, or am a victim?
  • Power in my Pocket: How can I constructively use my cell phone and online accounts to promote good in the world, instead of hurting others or myself?
  • Stranger Danger: Why is it RARELY a good idea to meet someone in person I only met online, especially when I’m a minor? (Many parents have met partners or spouses on sites like eHarmony, so it can be misleading to tell students “NEVER meet someone F2F you’ve met online.) How can you tell if someone you meet online REALLY is who they say they are, and if they are “safe?” Who should you talk to when you are faced with a situation online that makes you uncomfortable?
  • Texting While Driving: Why is texting while driving in the car VERY dangerous, and what can be done to encourage others to NOT do it?

  • It is important to approach this topic at the beginning of the year. I would begin by asking them what they know about digital etiquette. Second, I would provide them a glimpse of projects to be conducted throughout the semester. And finally reiterate the importance of being responsible students while enjoying the beauty and wonders of technology.   
  • Tool #9

    1- We use technology outside of school more and more everyday. These advancements have helped our society take a leap towards success. It is important that teachers and students get involved with technology by applying it to daily objectives in the classroom.
    2-Accountability is a way to avoid abuse or misuse of the available technology.
    3 & 4-                                                                            
           I plan to use it this year for parent involvement:
           Reading Comprehension                               
           This is a long list of apps for many uses          

    5- Learners in the classroom are moving around, learning and growing during work station time. They can participate in work stations each day or as planned. Work stations allow kids to explore language & practice literacy skills . During work stations, learners can choose from a variety of fun learning activities. Work stations offer children the opportunity to explore and also allows them some time to relax and enjoy learning with friends.


    Tool #8

    Some of the things that I learned from the video tutorials were:
    - Netbooks have pretty much the same functions as the laptops, but seem to be sturdier.
    - They are perfect for Read 180 and System 44
    - I wonder how the 10" screen will affect some of our students w/ visual limitations?
    - I like the webcam feature!!!
    - The overall availability of these gadgets will keep kids highly interested in learning.
    - Limited number of materials does not necessarily hinder, it's an opportunity to make work stations.

    ** I need to figure-out how to sync ALL of these devices

    Tool #7


    Students learn about the characteristics of an effective personal narrative. Exchange experiences with other students in other classes. They use prewriting activities and practice writing details to show rather than tell about an experience.

     When to implement:
    First 9-weeks of school

    Tools to use:
    Skype to generate ideas, Google Docs for revise & edit,

    Content Objective: 
    The learner will
    =>recall specific events, emotions, and impact of a recent service-learning experience.
    =>write about an experience using revealing details.
    =>plan a personal narrative using prewriting techniques.

    Link to Rubric:

    Tuesday, August 14, 2012

    Tool #6

    Follow me on Twitter ====> Lenin Emilio
    Skype =====> Lenin.Santana1

    Interesting new tools to keep in touch w/ people around the world. Gone are the days when students and parents would sit at home "wondering" when the assignment is due & what is expected. Now, the teacher is only a click away!!!   This would also work wonders when trying to contact a parent. They will avoid having to drive to school for a parent / teacher conference.  

    Saturday, August 11, 2012

    Tool #5

    My Animoto Video of Capulin Volcano in New Mexico

    My Prezi Road trip to Colorado

    Tool #4

    Google Docs is a good way to create, edit and share a documents with my co-teacher. It could also be used to get a second opinion on rating and/or grading.

    Today I sent a copy of the SSR questions to Robert Dantzler. We need to figure out how to tweak the them in a more challenging way.

    My first experience w/ Google Docs was last year, as we posted, updated and bounced around the ICU list.

    Tool #3

    I have often used Youtube to introduce clips, stories and samples of other student's work. The following is a list of commercials that we used last year, where the kids had to identify the type of appeal used to "sell" the product.  It was lots of fun and kids absolutely loved it !!!




    I am actively trying to embed some travel videos from our drive to Colorado this Summer. As I downloaded Dropbox, the site linked the pics and videos from my phone... pretty cool!!!

    Here is my first embeded clip from youtube

    Tool #2

    Pretty cool exchange of information !!!    I would like to read my student's responses and different POV on current events.  Also, I wonder if posting via blog will help the kids that typically struggle speaking-up/discussing in the classroom.

    Tuesday, May 29, 2012

    Tool #1

    Today 5/29/12, I began a BLOG. Ready to launch and go===>

    fairly simple... I want to know how it will be used