Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool #9

1- We use technology outside of school more and more everyday. These advancements have helped our society take a leap towards success. It is important that teachers and students get involved with technology by applying it to daily objectives in the classroom.
2-Accountability is a way to avoid abuse or misuse of the available technology.
3 & 4-                                                                            
       I plan to use it this year for parent involvement:
       Reading Comprehension                               
       This is a long list of apps for many uses          

5- Learners in the classroom are moving around, learning and growing during work station time. They can participate in work stations each day or as planned. Work stations allow kids to explore language & practice literacy skills . During work stations, learners can choose from a variety of fun learning activities. Work stations offer children the opportunity to explore and also allows them some time to relax and enjoy learning with friends.


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